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've seen in indiana, maybe in the state history. we have to go back to the record books and look that up. we've seen some very strong storms in indiana. the storms have now moved into areas of eastern kentucky, southern portions of indiana and southern portions of ohio. now approaching west virginia. ashland, ohio, area will see strong storms. and these are the account pictures from two hours ago. we saw this tornado in southern indiana. this is henriville, indiana. this is a high school that was hit. we saw a bus tossed literally halfway through a house. very strong winds. we had debris reported in cincinnati. incredible stuff. falling from the sky. the tornado didn't even go through cincinnati. this debris was picked up. we heard reports of asphalt from the road that was lifted up. it takes 180 to 200-mile-per-hour winds to do that. this is a wide spread outbreak that's occurring throughout areas of the ohio valley and tennessee valley. i want to go back to the weather maps to show you and update you on who is at risk. eastern portions of kentucky. as we move southwards. nashville, jus
. the georgia lee has already been approved by the u.s. justice department. there's also been laws in indiana and also in rhode island. southern states are not the only states that are passing these laws. >> i agree with you and neither does arturo davis changing his mind. he was running for governor and lost pretty sizable, even though i agree -- >> he wrote this after that. >> yeah, i understand. but what i'm saying is notingwinotin notwithstanding. you had a voter i.d. law in 2003 that let you use all of this. since then you've had three cases. you still haven't shown me where the widespread fraud. it's like me saying my nose is running and you give me surgery. there is no problem of voter fraud widespread. >> there has been voter fraud over the years. >> you just didn't catch it? >> you don't catch a lot of things that happen as far as -- >> but you change the law even though there's no fraud. >> change the law to make it tighter. >> another thing curious to me, representative. the three cases, none of them had anything to do with voter fraud at the polls in terms of i.d. one was a guy th
with the potential kentucky/iowa state matchup. >> you've got to go with kentucky. indiana's too tough. i like baylor. duke over baylor. mizzou looks very good to me. >> but one pick might surprise you. >> you had vanderbilt knocking off harvard. this is the the first time harvard's in since 1946. >> i know. listen -- >> you've got a degree from harvard. >> i've got a degree from harvard. arne duncan, my secretary of education is from harvard. i'll be rooting for harvard, but it's too much of a stretch. >> so who do you think will take it all, mr. president? >> national title game is going to be kentucky versus tar heels. i am going with north carolina. they're an older team, more experienced team, and since they won it for me the last time i picked them, hopefully i'll be able to get a little redemption for the last two years. i was doing great through the first round. and it was all downhill from there. >> we'll see how yo do, mr. president. you won't have to compete against willard
races. scott brown of massachusetts, dean heller of nevada, richard lugar of indiana and corker, hatch, barrasso and wicker are all up for re-election. >> well, all i know is that we keep having this debate over and over again. and the komen debate. and i think what people are realizing is that there is a very strong support across america to keep the access to women's health care on prevention because it's helping save women's lives and controlling health care costs by making sure we catch things early. and so why do people want to upset that at such a critical time? >> i don't understand that -- i don't understand why these senators could vote for it, even those with tough races because it doesn't make sense. but i thank you for being with us tonight. i'm glad to put it bluntly that so far you stopped the blunt amendment, pun intended. kaernt cantwell, thank you for your time tonight. this blunt amendment today was also a big problem for mitt romney who wants conservatives to know he really, truly supports the plan, even though he initially said he opposed it. >> i'm in favor of the
in indiana, i got to think that would embarrass them a little you the governor would only say one of the only successes the president has had is that he wanted to double gas prices. no president wants to do that. that kind of politics is shameful and not good for our country. we have got to focus, my biggest fear is not the president's re-election, he is going to win my state, win the country. my biggest fear is that these oil prices caused not by the president but by partly republican and partly republican talk of loose talk about war and intransigence and speculation on wall street that that is going to hurt this economic growth. we have had -- my state, i believe we have 13 of the last 14 months, we have seen economic growth, manufacturing job growth. i want to keep that going. 200,000 new jobs. not enough but 200,000 new johns each of the last three months. and some of these guys want to pull back on this and that's just -- >> we cannot let them because people really need the jobs and people certainly need to have gas prices where they can go and do what they do work as well as their fami
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)